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Muhammad Ali became the first man to win the w…

Muhammad Ali became the first man to win the world heavyweight championship three times #OnThisDay in 1978 when he avenged a split decision loss to Leon Spinks and regained the WBA strap with a unanimous points tally.
Attendance at the Superdome in New Orleans was 63,350 – the largest indoor attendance ever for a boxing match.
“I killed myself to get ready for Spinks. I suffered and sacrificed more than I ever did. There’s nothing left for me to gain by fighting,” said Ali after the fight.
It would be Ali’s final victory.
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In the shortest and wildest brawl ever fought …

In the shortest and wildest brawl ever fought between heavyweights, Jack Dempsey knocked out Luis Firpo at the Polo Grounds #OnThisDay in 1923. But no champion ever had a closer call.
In a chaotic first round, after Firpo had gone down an incredible seven times, one of his looping thumping rights caught Dempsey cleanly and knocked him clear through the ropes. The champion’s head disappeared over the edge of the ring, his white-clad legs shot up in the air, and it seemed a new world champion was about to enter into his glory. On referee Jack Gallagher’s count of nine, Dempsey managed to stagger back into the ring, but the end of the round found him obviously badly shaken, and staggering as he had never been staggered before.
In the interval Dempsey was still so dazed that his manager, Jack Kearns, waved smelling salts under the 28-year-old champion’s nose to help bring him round.
In the second round Firpo was too slow to reach Dempsey, who was striking in with all his power. He caught Firpo with a right and put him down. Two seconds later the challenger was up but a moment more and he was down again for a count of five. Once more Firpo staggered to his feet, Dempsey was on him instantly, caught him with a left to the jaw and then toppled him with a right as he sank. Bleeding slightly at the mouth, Firpo turned slowly over, striving vainly to rise as the referee’s pumping arm reached the counts of eight and nine, and stiffened helplessly as the tenth count ended his championship hopes for the time.
“He is game and the hardest puncher I ever faced. It was the first time I was knocked down since I became champion and I’ll never forget it,” said Dempsey. "I saw eight million stars when I got that punch on the chin that knocked me out of the ring. … I didn’t even know he had knocked me out of the ring until I came to on my stool between rounds. I thought I had been knocked out.”
It was three minutes 57 seconds of mayhem, carried out before an official capacity crowd of 80,000.
The fight was later immortalised in the famous George Bellows painting.
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#OnThisDay in 2002 Oscar De La Hoya vanquished…

#OnThisDay in 2002 Oscar De La Hoya vanquished Fernando Vargas in glorious grudge match at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas.
Legend has it nine years previous, amid the snow caps of Big Bear Mountain, California, one of boxing’s most ferocious and genuine rivalries peaked for the first time. De La Hoya reportedly mocked Vargas, who had slipped over on an icy trail. The innocuous incident, which occurred during separate training camps, would haunt “El Feroz” and articulate a protracted feud, which reached fever pitch by fight night.
In 1997, Vargas was drafted in to Pernell Whitaker’s training camp, as Whitaker fought De La Hoya. The “Golden Boy” took a unanimous decision, much to the dissatisfaction of his bitter California rival.
This fight was aptly billed as “Bad Blood.”
De La Hoya’s nose was bleeding by the end of the fifth round, while Vargas was bleeding from a cut under his right eye by the seventh. De La Hoya would gain control and stunned Vargas with a left hook at the end of the 10th round. Vargas was knocked down early in the 11th round by a brilliant left hook, before referee Joe Cortez stopped the fight with Vargas pinned to the ropes under a fusillade of De La Hoya punches.
It had the second-largest grossing live gate in history for a non-heavyweight fight.
De La Hoya added Vargas’ WBA light-middleweight title to his WBC version.
Vargas was suspended nine months and fined $100,000 by testing positive for steroids after this fight.
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#OnThisDay in 2013 Floyd Mayweather broke Cane…

#OnThisDay in 2013 Floyd Mayweather broke Canelo Alvarez’s heart and PPV records at the MGM Grand.
Mayweather too fast, sharp and good, but judge CJ Ross shared the headlines after ludicrously scored it a draw.
“I didn’t want to lose but it happens and it hurts,” said Canelo. “He’s very fast and accurate. His punches weren’t strong but he was getting points.”
“In my eyes, he’s still the champion,” said Floyd, who collected Alvarez’s WBA and WBC light-middleweight belts. “He will carry the torch. Tonight, experience was a major key. He still has what it takes, tonight was just my night.”
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#OnThisDay in 1950 Jake LaMotta rescued his wo…

#OnThisDay in 1950 Jake LaMotta rescued his world title with last gasp win over Laurent Dauthuille at the Olympia Stadium in Detroit.
The middleweights were well acquainted, having shared a ring the previous year, in a bout that went the distance Dauthuille won the decision.
For much for the return, “the Tarzan from Buzenal” moved expertly in out of range, tempering LaMotta’s aggression, and piling up the points. As the bell sounded for the beginning of round 15, the Frenchman had tallied a clear lead on the cards. Against the better judgement of a fighter with the bout in the bag, the Frenchman came out throwing.
With time ticking away, LaMotta began to fireback. The Frenchman ate an assortment of lefts and rights. With 13 seconds left in a round, LaMotta threw a looping left on the Frenchman’s jaw to send him crashing him to the canvas
Dauthuille did not regain equilibrium and was counted out seconds before capturing a world title.
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#OnThisDay the great wonder kid Wilfred Benite…

#OnThisDay the great wonder kid Wilfred Benitez was born in 1958.
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WBC super-bantamweight champion Erik Morales b…

WBC super-bantamweight champion Erik Morales blasted Junior Jones to the canvas and stopped him in four rounds #OnThisDay in a Tijuana bull-ring in 1998.
Jones, in superb shape, was rescued by referee Larry O’Connell seconds after the Brooklyn man’s bloody gum shield, sent spinning by a left hook, landed on the canvas and rolled on to a table in front of HBO analyst and legend Roy Jones.
“He’s a real good fighter. I hit him with some good shots and he came right back,” admitted Jones.
“It was a rough, tough fight,” said the 22-year-old champion. “He was hard. We wanted to do enough to win.”
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(at Tijuana, Baja California Sur, Mexico)

#OnThisDay in 1951 Sugar Ray Robinson regained…

#OnThisDay in 1951 Sugar Ray Robinson regained the world middleweight title with dramatic 10th-round stoppage of Randolph Turpin at the Polo Grounds, New York City.
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#OnThisDay we printed the first ever edition o…

#OnThisDay we printed the first ever edition of Boxing News in 1909.

IN the year 2009 we celebrated a huge milestone – 100 years of Boxing News – and our then editor, Claude Abrams, penned a wonderful piece on the history of our incredible magazine in a special 100-year edition – and it’s place in boxing history:
Flash Gordon, an American writer in the 1970-1980s, was respected and renowned as someone who didn’t mince his words. He produced a newsletter, which he’d often sell outside Madison Square Garden in New York, and regarded Boxing News as the No. 1 publication. In a February 1979 editon, Harry Mullan wrote in his editorial about Gordon’s latest review of the world’s boxing periodicals.

Gordon said: “Boxing News is unquestionably the world’s finest boxing magazine.

"The weekly 24-pager has complete pro coverage of the world, results, new, photos, amateur and pro and all week after week,” said Gordon. “It’s truly an amazing and a super piece of editing well worth the apparent high costs.”

I wonder what Gordon would have made of today’s weekly, twice as deep (48 pages – and sometimes more) on glossy colour paper with outstanding photos, regular columns, strong news pages and more extensive ringside and global coverage on pros and amateurs than at any stage in the 100-year history of the magazine. I am biased, of course, but I feel it’s punching harder than ever.

On September 11, 2009 BN reached an historic and impressive milestone, especially as the paper was severely threatened during the second World War, when the staff still persevered in spite of daily bombings. Even if for periods the magazine could only be published by-weekly and sometimes with even longer gaps – and had to incorporate dog racing and football, it still came out, serving its passionate following.

Link in bio for full article.

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#OnThisDay in 1973 Muhammad Ali edged Ken Nort…

#OnThisDay in 1973 Muhammad Ali edged Ken Norton in a savage battle at the Inglewood Forum.
Ali trimmed to a svelte 15st 2lbs, called on pride and courage to snatch a bitterly-fought split decision over muscled ex-Marine Ken Norton (14st 9lbs) in a thrilling return 12 round battle.
So Ali gained revenge for the shock split loss inflicted by Norton when they clashed in Ken’s home town of San Diego the previous March. On that occasion, Norton snatched victory with a tremendous onslaught in the 12th and last round.
This time it was Ali, who, incredibly, called on his flagging reserves to put in a thrilling finishing burst. Ali’s big last round clinched the decision after a savage battle.
“Ken Norton is a best man I have ever fought,” said Ali after the fight.
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