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33 years ago Rocky IV was released 🍿🥊 ______…

33 years ago Rocky IV was released 🍿🥊
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“The greatest Ali ever was as a fighter was in Houston against Williams. That night, he was the most devastating fighter who ever lived.”
– Broadcaster Howard Cosell.
Muhammad Ali floored plodding 33-year-old Cleveland Williams four times and stopped him in the third round #OnThisDay in 1966 in the seventh defence of his world heavyweight title.
Williams, who still had a policeman’s bullet in his body after a scuffle with a Texas highway patrolman in 1964 and was lucky to be alive, was no match for the undefeated 24-year-old champion. “I made one big mistake,” said Williams. “I dropped my left hand and he nailed me. I don’t know why I did it.”
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#OnThisDay in 1965 the career of boxing’s fine…

#OnThisDay in 1965 the career of boxing’s finest ever, Sugar Ray Robinson ends in defeat to Joey Archer. (at Pittsburg Civic Center)

Sharmba Mitchell spent three and a half years …

Sharmba Mitchell spent three and a half years trying to get light-welterweight king @KostyaTszyu back in the ring but didn’t last three rounds once the bell rung in their rematch in Phoenix, Arizona #OnThisDay in 2004.
Tszyu floored the southpaw four times as he handed Mitchell the worst drubbing of his 16-year career.
Referee Raul Caiz Snr rescued the dazed challenger after he had been sledgehammered into a heap along the ropes.
“I spent a long time working on my right hand. I studied Mitchell for two years,” said the champion.
“These things happen. Tszyu’s a great champ. He caught me with a great punch and followed up,” admitted Mitchell.
(at Gila River Arena)

In a swift, stunning and brilliant performance…

In a swift, stunning and brilliant performance, Kostya Tszyu knocked out Zab Judah with a beautifully timed right hand in the second round to capture the undisputed light-welterweight crown at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas #OnThisDay in 2001.
Tszyu sent Judah down with a sharp right. Judah immediately jumped up off the canvas, staggered as his legs stiffened and went down again. The referee, Jay Nady, then stopped the fight.
Judah, still dizzy, then charged Nady and had to be held back as he tried to punch Nady and threw a stool at him after losing the first fight of his career.
“The man was hurt,“ Nady said. "I had to protect the fighter.”
“I really believe this was my destiny, I’m part of history now,“ Tszyu said. "I did not hit him with my power punch, It was good accuracy at exactly the right time.”
“I could have fought on,“ said Judah. "I’m in a world title fight and I got hit with a good shot. I’m pretty sure I was up. I felt I was never given a chance for the count.”
“I was concerned he might get hurt after getting hit with a very powerful punch that appeared to render him momentarily unconscious,“ Nady said.
Judah was fined $75,000 and suspended for six months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his behaviour (at MGM Grand Las Vegas)

In one of the most brutal finishes in heavywei…

In one of the most brutal finishes in heavyweight history, WBO champion Ray Mercer full lived up to his ‘Merciless’ nickname as he rallied from behind to stop Tommy Morrison in the fifth round with a devastating volley of punches #OnThisDay in 1991 at the Convention Centre in Atlantic City.
“I’m kind of glad it went like it did,” said Mercer. “You take your man out convincingly, just so people will know he was really out.”
“Tommy took a lot of shots,” remarked his co-trainer Tommy Vignetts. “He probably took three or four more than he should. But in defence of the official, he was on the wrong side to get in between them.”
After defeating Morrison, the WBO ordered Mercer to make his next defense against the No. 1 contender, Michael Moorer. Mercer chose to vacate and fight 42-year-old Larry Holmes instead. On February 7, 1992, Holmes defeated Mercer by unanimous decision.
(at Atlantic City Convention Center)

Remembered Terry Downes who passed away #OnThi…

Remembered Terry Downes who passed away #OnThisDay last year. (at Paddington)

Bernard Hopkins dominated, systematically brok…

Bernard Hopkins dominated, systematically broke down and then stopped Felix Trinidad in the 12th round of the most important fight of his career #OnThisDay in 2001.
The 36-year-old Hopkins became the undisputed middleweight champion that night at Madison Square Garden after flooring Trinidad with a right hand to the chin in the final round. Tito barely beat the count before his father and trainer, Felix Trinidad Snr, saved his hugely popular and unbeaten son from further punishment.
The fight was originally scheduled for Sept. 15, but was postponed two weeks because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
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Iron-man Larry Holmes showed his mettle when h…

Iron-man Larry Holmes showed his mettle when he got off the floor to hammer Earnie Shavers into a state of helplessness and retained his WBC heavyweight belt at the packed Caesars Palace sports pavilion #OnThisDay in 1979.
Referee Dave Pearl called a it off after two minutes of the 11th with Shavers cut over both eyes and totally exhausted as Holmes unleashed punches with both hands.
The shaven-headed 35-year-old Shavers had the crowd in an uproar when he floored the champion with a huge overhand right late in the seventh round.
There was no complaint from Shavers at the end as he trudged wearily back to his corner.
Holmes said he said he urged Shavers to quit. He said he asked Shavers: “Man, why you hanging on?”
The teak-tough Shavers replied: “I ain’t quitting,. I’m trying to take your title!”
Shavers had the satisfaction of of being the first man to upend Holmes and to his honour he stayed on his feet until the finish.
“You haven’t head the last of me,” said the beaten challenger. “I’ll be back.”
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Donald Curry – heir apparent to Marvin Hagler …

Donald Curry – heir apparent to Marvin Hagler as the best fighter, pound-for-pound, in the world was shockingly stopped by big underdog Lloyd Honeyghan #OnThisDay in 1986 for the undisputed welterweight championship at Caesars Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.
The fight was stopped after six rounds with Curry on his stool with a bad cut over his left eye.
“I sensed I had him from the first round,” the 26-year-old Honeyghan said afterward. He was ahead on all three cards. With the victory, Honeyghan improved to 28-0, with 21 knockouts while Curry lost for the first time.
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