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Joe Frazier Stops Jerry Quarry This Day June 17, 1974: undefined

Roberto Duran KOs Davey Moore This Day June 16, 1983 Wins Super Welterweight Crown: undefined

Mike Tyson SPECTACULAR KOs Reggie Gross This Day June 13, 1986: undefined

Floyd Patterson Beats Tough Tommy “Hurricane” Jackson at the Garden This Day in Boxing June 8, 1956: undefined

Tommy “Hurricane” Jackson Stops Tough Charley Norkus at the Garden This Day in Boxing May 28, 1954: undefined

Jimmy McLarnin Beats Billy Petrolle This Day May 27, 1932: undefined

Dick Tiger Beats Nino Benvenuti This Day May 26, 1969: undefined

Bob Foster One Punch KO vs Dick Tiger This Day in Boxing May 24, 1968 Light Heavyweight Title: undefined

Jose Torres Beats Wilbert McClure at the Garden This Day May 15, 1964: undefined

Gerry Cooney KOs Ken Norton This Day May 11, 1981: undefined