The hugely popular and wonderfully charismatic…

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The hugely popular and wonderfully charismatic 25-year-old American Max Baer savagely dethroned world heavyweight champion Primo Carnera #OnThisDay in 1934.
With a cheeky grin and dynamite right hand, Baer took apart the huge but helpless Italian in the 11th of the scheduled 15 rounds in front of a roaring crowd of 52,000 at Madison Square Garden’s Long Island bowl.
Carnera was down no less than 11 times before referee Arthur Donovan ended the one-sided affair thus returning the crown to the States atop of the exciting curly-haired Californian.
The brave, but dizzied former champion, trying to comprehend what happened, ambled from the ring amid jeers that he’d thrown the fight. “I no lay down,” Primo said “I fight good fight and he fight good fight, too.”
While a cheering crowd gathered outside the new champion’s dressing room and his handlers jigged around with joy, Baer calmly rose from a dressing room table and said: “Somebody bring the new champion a bottle of beer.”
The great former champion Gene Tunney commented from ringside: “Baer fought a perfect fight, proving himself a terrific hitter. He did not waste time and energy trying to box Carnera.”
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